things that crossed my path today

For some time now I have been sharing these with my sister.
We thought you might like to have a smile, too, so here you go, 
3 things that crossed my path today:

1.) On my way to the bus I was stopped by a young man.
He sumbled a bit and then very nervously asked me ... if I might be willing to let him take a picture of my hair.
Who -me? MY hair? Seriously?
Poor guy.
I laughed, thanked him for the compliment -but NO, thank you- and left. 

2.) When I got off the tram I was surrounded by a very loud silence.
On the other side of the tracks there is a small pond, surrounded with wild flowers and bushes. 
It was crowded with beautifully twittering, chirping, cackling birds. 

3.) the delicious scent of the plump, juicy, ripe pear I am about to eat right now :)
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